BetterHelp Review – Does Online Counseling Really Work?

BetterHelp is the largest online community of professional counselors that help individuals to face their crisis with an uplifted spirit. There is no denying that every person, at some point of his life, faces some blues. This could be pertaining to an unsteady career, a messed-up married life, LGBT-related troubles, any addiction, eating disorders or anything else. Life never runs out of its vile tricks to trouble a strong soul, and the least that a person can do is not let the gloom get the best of him.

Counseling can be expensive, and opening to someone about the troubles or crises of one’s life can be double the work, as it really requires confidence and guts to do so. With the counseling services offered on this website and its app, there are lots of factors that make it a lot more convenient than live sessions of counseling. In fact, a study conducted by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute proved that the virtual advice provided by BetterHelp was just as effective as face-to-face counseling treatments.

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About this New form of Therapy

Put simply, BetterHelp is professional online counseling with an expert at an affordable price. A person can send messages to their counselor at any hour, and the therapy sessions are not limited to only appointed sessions on a particular date or day.

Hard times come uninvited in the most unexpected times and often when a person is not prepared for them well in advance. Moreover, the troubled feelings are mostly not the sort that can be swept under the rug or ignored for long, thinking that counseling is out of the reach of one’s pocket.

Once the blues penetrate into the shield that a person holds against dark thoughts, counseling becomes the need of the hour. With these online counseling services, there are several advantages, mainly that these are affordable and convenient sessions all fueled by the expertise and experience of licensed professionals.

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Features of the Website

BetterHelp bears several characteristics that make it an effective and large virtual community of expert counselors. These are:

1. Convenience

There are dozens of people who cannot seem to open up with their therapists in meetings, they find is pretty hard to pour out their feelings on the table. But depression or the anxious feelings that layer the difficult times cannot be patient and make it next to impossible to keep them inside. These two hurdles do not accompany online sessions with the counselors on BetterHelp.

By availing counseling from this source, one has firstly, the convenience to choose their counselor. Depending on an individual’s need, a counselor is appointed by the website, but if a person is not satisfied, you can request a change.

Secondly, a person can get in touch with his counselor regardless of appointment timing. So the frequency is in the hands of the users.

Thirdly, a virtual counseling session is always more comfortable and convenient for people who feel that they cannot open in front of their counselors or be utterly honest to them.

2. Confidentiality

All the information that a person fills in the forms for getting a subscription to the website is guarded as purely private. Additionally, the information shared with the counselor is also confidential so that a person does not have to be worried about any privacy infringe.

Some people also feel that they would be laughed about if they visit a counselor or get professional help but with this e-community, no such fears accompany a person.

3. Affordability

BetterHelp also has the plus of being affordable so that person does not neglect his feelings because his pocket does not seem to afford it. 

4. Reliable

This online service is completely trustworthy in all the aspects. This factor is further backed with media coverage with several media write-ups praising the community. BetterHelp has been featured in The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Huff Post, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, and the American Psychological Association. Furthermore, the website also outlines favorable statistics that prove the effectiveness of the results of the counseling provided there. It states that 98% of the people feel better with 70% of depression symptoms reduced.

5. Strong Network of Users

The website is already extending its expert help to numerous people, over 500,000 have already signed up.  So many people have seen improvements in their conditions and trust the website just as they would trust any professional counselor.

6. Professionals

Lastly, the counseling team behind the website and app are all professionals, which are licensed and trained with relevant experience backing them. The website mentions that its professional community comprises of accredited psychologists with Ph.D. or PsyD, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, (LCSW/LMSW) and board licensed professional counselors (LPC).

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Subscribing to the Service

In order to get proper guidance and counseling from this e-platform, a person needs to begin with answering a questionnaire that is quite in-depth. It fires simple questions first such as the name, gender, and profession first. This is followed by questions that extract the exact condition of a person.

Such an inquiry would ask a person about his sleeping habits, financial status, followed by a round of how often a person feels hopeless or down, losses appetite or overeats, has trouble concentrating, suffers from panic attacks and more.

All these questions are so that the right professional can be paired with the user.


In a nutshell, BetterHelp is an effective counseling platform that set up a virtual connection between people and their counselors. All the counselors are expert professionals that are experienced, licensed, and trained. Moreover, convenience, affordability, and confidentiality are fully ensured. To signup for BetterHelp service now, click here to visit the official website